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Yachting in Greece and Cyprus

Yachting is fashionable, romantic, venturous and affordable, particularly in Greece and in Cyprus. The picturesque shores of these beautiful countries can realize any desires in terms of voyages on yachts.The industry of the sailing tourism in these places has a long history and is nowadays at the highest level. Regardless of the weather, a trip to the Mediterranean coast would be the most interesting and memorable adventure.

The aim of our company is to ensure and provide high quality services to our customers, namely, we strive to minimize and nullify the owner’s concerns regarding the maintenance and daily management. We bring into reality the dream of anyone who wants a relaxing holiday by the sea! We cooperate closely with the captain and team of the best professionals to provide the most efficient operation of yachts of all sizes.

Our mission is to provide integrated services to our customers, always with a basic guide – our experience and professionalism!


Most of the yachting lovers choose as a starting point the Greek capital city of Athens.
The city has a comfortable and equipped with all necessary Marina Alimou, whereof the majority begin their journey.

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The direct partners of the "N.V. REGAL YACHT CLUB" provide high-quality services at the local and international market.

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